Super Jeep Pics

This is a great example of the Daisy Yellow version of the Super Jeep.  It has all of the known elements: the curved chrome bumper (front and rear), the fender flares, the side steps the distinctive butterscotch and white striping, and the butterscotch and white seats. You can barely make out the V8 logo underneath the “Jeep” logo on the side. You can tell by the styling of the logo that this is a 1973 CJ5.

This is another example of Daisy Yellow version of the Super Jeep.  This one has clearly been modified through the years. This is also a 1973 CJ5 (Jeep logo styling).

Here is a partial shot of another Jeep with Super Jeep stripes. There is no chrome bumper, the seats are not original and there are no fender flares ... but those are definitely Super Jeep stripes!


This is another 1973 CJ5 with Super Jeep stripes. The color of the Jeep does not appear to be Daisy Yellow and the front seats are not original (although the back seats have the marking and styling of the Super Jeep).  After market Super Jeep decal sets are available ... so the presence of Super Jeep decals doesn’t necessarily make it a real Super Jeep.


This is the only photograph I have ever seen of the Champagne White version of the Super Jeep.  It has the chrome bumper, the fender flares, and the distinctive stripes. It also has the white soft top that came with this version of the Super Jeep (as well as white sun visors). It is also a 1973 CJ5 (distinctive logo styling for the year) and it also has the V8 logo underneath the Jeep logo.

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